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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  March 4, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we call on all of those involved to refrain from statements which may escape intentions and find a peaceful way out of this crisis. -solutions for an exclusive dialogue, including all sectors of the various regions. we believe it is indefensible for authorities who are responsible for leading in the transitional time to have the all the forces. and it is the primary obligation
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of the state to collect its population -- protect its population, including ethnic minorities. it is essential to avoid any action which could lead to polarization, the rhetoric of confrontation, and heightening of tensions. argentina is convinced of the need to work for a united ukraine. following the principles of international law and with unconditional full respect for human rights. it is a funny way in which the ukrainian people could find a democratic way out of the crisis affecting their country. they must focus their efforts on supporting such a process in order to cooperate and achieve political agreement which will present to the current crisis which ukraine is facing. thank you very much. >> i think the representative argentina and look forward to
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the representative of nigeria. >> madame president, what began three months ago as a political protest has taken on a dimension which today which would be best described as precarious. we call it our concerned to abide by the provisions of the human charger, particularly two which calls on all member states to settle their disputes by peaceful means and to refrain from the use of force. the current situation in ukraine, especially in crimea represents an important threat to international peace and security.
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we would like to see the de-escalation of tensions and hostile rhetoric. the concerned parties must embrace dialogue as a means of resolving the crisis and facilitate the next the dishes -- an expeditious return to normalcy in ukraine. the prerequisite for this is others before me have pointed out. we therefore call on the international community, it particularly those who can exert instructive influence over the concerned parties to intensify in the crisis. -- intensify a push toward mediating the crisis. we firmly believe that the use of preventive diplomacy tools let such a time represent the most expedient and effective option to bring about a peaceful resolution.
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-- we want to reiterate our concerns to abide by the provisions of the 1994 defense memorandum. we guarantee the sovereignty and integrity of ukraine. we note that the provision calls for the one. -- call for the signatories to consult when there are questions concerning the commitments within the document. this clause is even more relevant now, and indeed represents an opportunity to peacefully resolve the current crisis. we are encouraged by indications that government of ukraine is taking steps to ensure political inclusiveness in the governance of the country. we believe this is a prudent way of addressing one of the underlying causes of the disputes and an early return to peace and stability.
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the call by the secretary general for cool heads to prevail remains relevant under the circumstance. we urge all concerned to refrain from provocative action that will precipitate now and in the future and unnecessary human suffering. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of nigeria for the statement. i look forward to the representative of the republic of korea. >> thank you, madam president. the republic of korea remained deeply concerned over the situation in ukraine, particularly the escalation of tensions in the crimean region. given the situation, we call on all parties to exercise maximum restraint for the crisis through -- and to surmount the crisis through dialogue. unity,ital that
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independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of ukraine be fully respected, in accordance with the human charger. -- the un's charter. the deputy secretary-general's visit to explore allelp to possible responses to the situation. thank you, madam president. >> i thank the representative of the republic of korea. i now give the floor to the representative. >> thank you, madam president. china is deeply concerned by the serious turn of the situation in ukraine. in spite of the many appeals the part of the international
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community for a deal less -- de-escalation, for calm, and for dialogue. china is persuaded that any conflict between you and member .n. memberbetween u states should be dealt with in a peaceful way as part of the human charger. -- un's charter. given the deteriorating situation in the ukraine, china reiterates its call for restraint, and calls on the international community to undertake a mediation, so there will be a dialogue between the parties. respect, chad supports all efforts of mediation by the
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international community. in ways that fall within the , and commitment subscribed to as part of different agreements. the representative of chad for his statement. i would now like to make a statement in my international capacity. luxembourg is deeply concerned by recent developments in particular inn crimea. this is reflected in the document the eeo has adopted at the end of an emergency meeting. we vigorously condemn the violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. by armed russian forces, particularly taken by the council of the federation of
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russia to use russian armed forces the territory of ukraine. these actions are a flagrant violation of the u.n. charter and the helsinki act. i would like to echo the appeal launched by the eu, made to russia, to without delay remove its armed forces in a way that will meet its commitments under the agreement of may 20, 1997, on the status of conditions for the presence of the black sea float in -- black sea fleet in ukraine. the situation must be resolved in a peaceful means. the first step would be to accept the offer of ukraine to hold consultations called for in a memorandum, regarding security ukraine adhering to the agreement signed on the summer 5, 1994, the ukraine,
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russia, the u.k., and the u.s., and as called for in the treaty of friendship, cooperation, and partnership signed on may 31 1997 between russia and ukraine. we believe it is possible to worst.the historically, luxembourg has been well-placed to understand the risks of military escalation and its threats to peace in the region. we must do our utmost to start a de-escalation of the situation through concrete actions. he resolutely support the efforts that are ongoing within particularn secretary ban ki-moon, who took the decision to dispatch the bsg to the ukraine. u.n., theples of the whole reason for being the u.n., are at stake.
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we call on all the international communities to support the efforts made by the u.n., as well as the council of europe and the eu, too, with the parties involved, ring about a political resolution of crisis. we welcome the idea that has been mentioned of establishing make anver mission to impartial investigation of facts on the ground. a sustainable solution to the crisis also requires an inclusive political dialogue, bearing in mind the diversity of ukrainian society, the aspirations of all ukrainians, and the need to respect the rights of all ukrainians. russia supports the new governments and the parliament of ukraine, which have taken steps to support this inclusive political dialogue. we encourage ukrainian authorities to bring in the expertise of the council of europe and the osce,
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particularly with respect to the protection of minority rights. in conclusion, we welcome the by ukrainianibited authorities with this crisis, particularly in crimea. it is fido for all parties to respect unity, territorial integrity, independence, and the sovereignty of ukraine. tank you very much. i resume my functions as president of the council and give the floor to ukraine. >> madam president, distinguished members of the security council, dear colleagues, i wish to begin by ,hanking you, madam president
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and all members of the security council. for having given me the floor. remarks.our important support for my country. ukraine counts on the security council, madam, to exert all possible efforts on the international level in order to guarantee the protection of the ukrainian people, the sovereignty of my country, and its territorial integrity. >> at the beginning of this the debriefing of the distinguished member of the russian federation, with great attention. unfortunately, we still have not received any compelling answer to the simple question -- why are they military forces of the russian federation illegally occupying crimea and it -- and
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brutally violating international law and bilateral agreements? thatld like to remind you according to the budapest memorial on security assurances 1994 by states including russia itself -- my country got rid of its nuclear arsenal, while russia agreed to refrain from the use of threats territorygainst the or independence of ukraine. i want to underline that by this aggression the russian theration is undermining regime. i wish to brief you on the most recent development in the crimea,us territory of ukraine. beginning 24 february, 60,000 russian troops have been deployed by military ships, airplaness, and cargo
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from the neighboring territory of the russian federation. the russian troops keep taking their attempts to seize, block, and control crucial governmental and military objects of the ukraine in crimea. the parliament of crimea, civil and military airports, means of communications, radio stations, customs service, military headquarters, and the headquarters of the ukraine navy in crimea. all main roads are blocked. accumulation of russian federation troops and military equipment along the eastern border of ukraine clearly indicates russia's preparation for a possible military intervention into ukraine and the other parts of our country. so far, ukrainian armed forces have exercised restraint, and refrain from active resistance to their pressure. is russian federation performing psychological
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operations in the autonomous republic of crimea, as well as in the regions of ukraine. discreditingd at legitimate authorities of ukraine and misleading people like calling russian intervention a peacekeeping operation. the minister of the interior of today unarmedced persons are planning to attack and possibly kill russian soldiers, presenting it as committed by the ukraine. this is going to be used as an excuse for the intervention by russia against ukraine. russia is concerned about the freedoms of ethnic russians in the territory of ukraine.
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we would like to inform you that this is the obligation of our government to care about that. we do not need the external help. we agreed with the high to provide a commission in crimea. we are calling upon security council members to authorize international mediation and monitoring permission to crimea, as well to monitor the situation ethnics rights, russian , other ethnic groups, and -speaking russian persons. i am also a russian speaking person, that i do not need any support. demonstrate you are still a respected her minute member of
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the security council. do not undermine authority of and confidence in this body. i know that we have within the companies.russian with your permission, i will continue in russian. i would like to congratulate all and callan christians on them, all of the leaders of and to let to pray it consult, and to listen to us. in your attempts to explain the
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reason for the presence of russian troops in crimea as unfortunately, and we have heard this from many who spoke today, these acts are seen provocationn, and of a large-scale armed conflict in ukraine. the state is one of the guarantors of sovereignty and territory under the budapest agreement. furthermore, a current member of the security council, which shares with other member states a very important function, to support peace and stability throughout the world. none of your reasoning about the legitimacy of the invasion of the ukraine can be condoned within the u.n. charter. all the arguments made by russia
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for protecting the russian population, which supposedly condones military intervention -- this is a question that is totally the internal purview of the citizens of ukraine, its government, and should be done under a constitution. all citizens, regardless of their nationality, have equal rights. only the ukrainian parliament can take decisions. assistance tory handle such humanitarian questions? i have already said we do not need that type of assistance. you continue to reference the 14 anent of february 20 agreement for the settlement of the crisis in ukraine. surprised by this type of reasoning. the russian side, which participated in the mediation talks in the preparation of this , together with our partners
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with the european countries, refrain from the principle of signing this agreement, and not even recognizing it. opinion, howyour could this be implemented, this agreement, in this context you are talking about, if one of the presidenters from the -- what major players, viktor yanukovych, left the capital and refused to implement his constitutional functions. you continue to refer to what happened in the ukraine as a state coup d'├ętat. world, thereatic is a more exact definition. a revolution of dignity is what happened. we have different understandings about human rights from you.
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in november 2013, people of all nationalities went to protest in officials without any telling them of any political party what to do. any -- withoutut any pressure from the west. november went out to defend their rights, their right to a dignified life against a wretched, corrupt system, a system which had brought poverty in the eastern areas, in the center, in the south. had brought unemployment in the west. the former president, who you -- his relatives lived in luxury. the whole world saw it on tv.
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today, you reiterated what was said already, in the statement by minister lavrov, to the effect that the government, the former government, used inolutely legitimate means using disorder. ofs means, on the night november 30, overnight, the peaceful protesting students, who were cruelly beaten by the police, violated their rights. and now they are being accused of violating rights. people brought to parliament a repressive law which limits their constitutional rights for freedom of speech, freedom of
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limitation, laws which ,he rights of the mass media and public opinion. yanukovych eliminated that, got rid of it. think -- you are saying that something is wrong in your country. you toldy that something untrue about the church. the church, and all denominations, have been part of the people, including the ukrainian orthodox church, which is canonically related to the moscow patriarch it -- patriarchate. there has been an appeal to christian russia to stop and to pray for ukraine.
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we make that appeal. and stop killing citizens. side recent its decision on the military intervention to ukraine with the request that the minister of foreign affairs, the prime minister of crimea -- he was appointed contrary to the constitution. he is not a legitimate leader of the administrative territory of ukraine. we are acall that unitary state in ukraine and is aa, and its authorities member of the federation. without the central government saying troops can come in from russia, we see this aggression as unauthorized. even in crimea, it is not supported by many of the people. in following the , bring theeneral
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people from the east into the work of the government? three ministers were born in russia in the current cabinet membership of ukraine. three were born in russia. some governors in those regions are people -- some territorial leaders of the eastern regions are also russian speaking. in spite of the existing economic difficulties in the country, the government of ukraine is continuing -- is giving assistance to crimea. the national bank of ukraine gave support to the crimean bank. 400 million were given. unfortunately, i have to note a fact of unfair game by russia in the information space. that also is helping destabilize the situation in our country.
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examples have been given. i do not wish to reiterate them. to take and like opportunity at this meeting to once again call on our russian partners to stop spreading untrue information. finally, i would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, madam president, to all members of the security council, and particularly those who expressed support of ukraine, who support the necessity to resolve all the problems by the diplomatic and political measures, and to stop aggression. i thank you. >> i think the representative of ukraine for his statement. the representative of the russian federation has asked for the floor to make a further statement. you have the floor, sir.
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>> thank you, madam president. first of all, i would like to welcome my ukrainian colleague. been working quite a while in the u.n.. him with the fact that today he spoke not only in english, french, and russian -- and that is his first speech, i think, in russian, that i recall. he wanted to say "better late than never." i hope we will hear others'speeches from my ukrainian colleague in russian. we heard he is very competent in english and french. number of strange and surprising statements. i will just make some comments. englishh and colleagues, if i remember well
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-- bush is trying to put pressure on ukrainian democracy. but we are saying we have to have a normal constitutional process. regions, all people in ukraine -- isn't that democracy? we are calling for democracy. you are trying to make it look like what you are saying is not a definition of democracy. what we are saying. we came back to the tragic events that sincerely -- we do express our condolences. these are dramatic and tragic events. there is no doubt. do nothing russia has any doubt of the basis of this political areis in russia, that we unhappy with what yannick viktor yanukovych
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did. after thisng the way breakup of the demonstration and the laws adopted after the breakup -- you criticize these a lot. and you repeated it. they exist in many other countries. there was a point where you could not cross the road during a demonstration. that exists in many countries. in french law in 2009, it was not possible to where masks on the street during peaceful political demonstrations. there are some other things going on. in fact, there are many elements in many things that exist in democratic countries. the thing is the principle. why have you decided that now in there are democratic governments?
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we remember what happens. 1970, where in there was a democratic revolution and then a dictatorship? we have the feeling right now that in essence, the key of government has national radicals in it. be -- youment could could put him different people who might be more presentable. what motivates them are the people behind them, who through their actions came to power. let us not be deceived that any change of government, especially if it is finally, leads to democracy. some of our western colleagues seem to think that is the case. what we would like for the process that is continuing in ukraine to lead really to a real
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democratic victory, with genuine democracy in the country. my u.s. colleague referenced the need to respect the constitution of ukraine. we believe that is important. where ifng to imagine the president moved to and someone went to the white house, and if the proceduresround all -- how would the u.s. public view that? would that be a manifestation of democracy? why did he leave? he was scared. he said we intimidated him after the signing on february 21. then, there was a threat.
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if the building were not liberated, we would storm it. but that is not democracy. that is not a respect for the constitution. in crimea, the autonomous republic of crimea has its specific status. there was a concern that it would lead to something similar. there would be violent capture of the administration there. someone came to power in crimea and took some vigorous actions. himself to all of the defense agencies. now, people are making it look like only the russian forces are there. there you have those ukrainian armed forces that are part of the new. they have sworn to the new government. the commander of the ukrainian east andbased in the swore allegiance to the new government. you have a number of people for self-defense.
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therewas a concern that would be some sort of violent action. people went over from keio. they were armed. they were promising to look for friends. but with militants to restore the appropriate government. you have the black sea fleet people. interesting figures. 16,000 military are there. the russian black sea fleet are there. the agreement on the black sea fleet, it could be up to 25,000 from russia. as part of our presence there. they are acting that -- that they need to -- they are saying stoppingprotecting -- those from acting who might damage the lives and the health of civilians. my ukrainian colleague believes this is excessive.
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theat least i agree with authorities of crimea. surprised toas hear verbally something from my that all ambassador these concerns are fabricated, made up. that really surprises me. the impression that ms. powder is using her information from u.s. tv. if all the information she takes only from u.s. tv, everything in democracy,beautiful, and the bad guy made it all bad when he came to power, and then was -- i -- then there am not from ukraine. i am from russia. but the ambassador of ukraine tried to portray things in that way.
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i am sure the media -- what wave of violence went through ukraine ? what about that, when the administrative buildings were cap? when the major people from the municipality were taken from that domain and put to a pillar and they were mocked -- is that democracy? in normal political process? in chicago, would we see that, for example, someone dragged out ? i do not think so. i do not think in any democratic country that that is allowable. what wasned in kiev -- that? was it a made up concern, attempts to take over the administrative building? in the eastern part, it is not made up. that was a group of armed people who invaded and tried to remove the government and set up their own democratic -- there
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undemocratic, illegitimate control in that part of the country. one of the key points i would like to highlight -- this concern, it is not just ours. have not important that we this concern. it is being logically used by people who are living in southeast ukraine. i go back to it. you know, ambassador -- i already used the term. unfortunately, the forces in the ukraine are very strong, the rightist forces. they cannot stand russian citizens. foughtember how they under the hitler cost banner -- hitler's banner against the red army, the anti-hitler coalition. this is their ideology.
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these people, unfortunately, are close to power. these are the feelings people have, people who live here. aliens of people have these feelings. 1.5 million crimean spiel that way. is, do youue here think russia could allow a in theof what happened central and eastern ukraine, where millions of russians live -- a number of years ago, the u.s. took over granada. we aret reagan said, defending american citizens from disaster. 1000 people. fromhere was no threat granada to those citizens. we have millions living there, and they are concerned. yes, colleagues say, how can international institutions, osce
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-- ok. these institutions might be used. you cannot deny that. >> watch all of this online. we are going to leave here and take you live to powell elementary school in washington, d.c., president obama talking about his 2015 budget and his education initiatives. >> the budget i sent to congress this morning. obviously, the budget is not just about numbers. it is about our values, and it is about our future, and how well we are laying the groundwork for those young children that i was with a few moments ago to be able to succeed here in america. these kids may not be the most excited people in town on budget it is designed with their generation and future generations in mind. in my state of the union address, i laid out an agenda to restore opportunity for all
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principle uphold the that no matter who you are, no matter where you started, you can make it if you try, here in america. this opportunity agenda is built on four parts. more good jobs and good wages, taking sure we are training workers with the skills they need to get those good jobs. guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education. and making sure that our economy is one in which hard work is rewarded. the budget i sent congress this morning lays out how we will implement this agenda in a balanced and responsible way. it is a roadmap for creating jobs, good wages, and expanding opportunity for americans. at a time when our deficit has been cut in half, it enables us to meet our obligations to future generations without a mountain of debt. this adheres to the spending principles members of both houses and both parties agreed to. it also builds on that progress
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with what we are calling an opportunity, growth, and security initiative, that invests in our economic opportunities in a way that is paid for by making smart spending cuts and closing tax loopholes that right now only benefit the well-off and well-connected. i will give you an example. the tax system provides benefits to wealthy individuals who save, even after they have amassed multimillion dollar retirement accounts. by closing that loophole, we can help create jobs and grow the economy, and expand opportunity without adding a dime to the deficit. we know the country that wins the race for new technology will win the race for new jobs, so this creates 45 high-tech minute extra pounds where businesses and universities will partner to turn groundbreaking research into new industries and new jobs made in america. we know, and this is part of the reason we are here today, that education has to start at the
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earliest possible ages. it's budget expands access to the kind of high quality learning and other programs to give all our children the same opportunities the most wonderful children we just saw are getting right here at powell. all of that while not today's new jobs are going to require a four-year college degree, more and more of them are going to require some form of education or specialized training. this budget expands apprenticeships, to connect more ready to work americans with ready to be filled jobs. futureknow that generations will continue to deal with the effects of the warming planet, so this budget reposes a smarter way to address the costs of wildfires. it includes over $1 million in funding to help communities prepare for a changing climate today, and set up incentives to build smarter and more resilient infrastructure. we also know that the most
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effective and historically bipartisan ways to reduce poverty and help hard-working families pull themselves up is the earned income tax credit. right now, it helps about half of all parents in america at some point in their lives. his budget gives millions more workers the ability to take advantage of the tax credit. and it pays for it by closing loopholes like the ones that let wealthy individuals classify themselves as a small business to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. this budget will also continue to put our fiscal house in order over the long term, but putting the burden on books -- not by putting the burden on folks who can least afford it, but by reforming our tax system and building on the progress we made to reduce health-care care costs. it puts our debt on a downward path as a share of our total economy, which independent experts have said is a critical target for fiscal responsibility.
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as i said at the outset, our budget is about choices. it is about our values. as a country, we have to make a decision, if we are going to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest americans, or create jobs, grow our economy, and expand opportunity for every american. at a time when our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years, we have to decide if we are going to keep squeezing the middle class, or continue to reduce the deficits responsibly, while taking steps to grow and strengthen the middle class. the american people have made clear time and again which approach they prefer. that is the approach my budget offers. that is why i am going to fight for it is here and in the years to come as president. thank you very much, everybody. michael? >> do you have any response to president putin's press conference? is chancellor merkel right that he has lost touch with reality?
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>> i have not spoken to him since i spoke to him this past weekend. but obviously, me and my national security team have been watching events unfolding in ukraine very closely. i met with them again today. as many of you know, john kerry is in key avenue as we speak, at my direction. as we speak, at my direction, with full support for the ukrainian people. we have been working with our partners and the imf to build support for a package that helps to stabilize ukraine's economy. today, we announced a significant package of our own to support the ukraine's economy, and to provide them with the technical assistance they need. it includes a plan loan guarantee package of $1 billion. it provides immediate technical expertise to ukraine to repair its economy. forrtantly, it provides
11:46 am
assistance to help ukraine plan for elections that are going to be coming up very soon. as i said yesterday, it is important that congress stand with us. i do not doubt the bipartisan concern that has been expressed about the situation in the ukraine. there is something immediate congress can do to help us. that is to help finance the economic package that could stabilize the economy in ukraine, help to make sure that fair and free elections take place very soon, and as a consequence helps to de-escalate the crisis. we aremeantime, consulting with international allies across the board. together, the international community has condemned russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. he have condemned their intervention in crimea. calling for a de-escalation of the situation, and international monitors that
11:47 am
can go into the country right away. overall, we believe the ukrainian people should be allowed to decide their own future, which is why the world should be focused on helping them stabilize the situation economically tom a and move toward the fair and free elections that are currently scheduled to take place in may. there have been some reports putin is pausing for a moment, reflecting on what has happened. that,k we have all seen from the perspective of the european union, united states, allies like canada and japan, and friends and partners around the world, there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers, maybe a different set of interpretations. but i do not think that is fooling anybody.
11:48 am
i think everybody recognizes that, although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give them the a means ofe force as exerting influence inside of that state. we have said that if, in fact, there is any evidence out there that russian speakers, russian natives, russian nationals are in any way being threatened, there are ways of dealing with that through international mechanisms. and we are prepared to make sure that the rights of all ukrainians are upheld. in fact, in conversations we have had with the government in they have been more than willing to work with the international community and with russia to provide such assurances. we are still seeing soldiers out of their barracks in crimea is an indication to which what is
11:49 am
happening there is not based on actual concern for russian nationals or russian speakers inside of ukraine, but is based on russia seeking, through force, to exert influence on a neighboring country. that is not how international law is supposed to operate. just the waynote that some of this has been reported -- there is a suggestion somehow that the russian actions have been clever strategically. i actually think this has not been a sign of strength, but rather is a reflection that have deepnear russia concerns and suspicions about this kind of meddling. if anything, it will push many countries further away from
11:50 am
russia. there is the ability for ukraine to be a friend of the west and a friend of russia's, as long as none of us are in ukraine, trying to meddle and intervene, certainly not militarily, with decisions that properly belong to the ukrainian people. that is the principle that john kerry is going to be speaking to during his visit. i will be making additional calls today to some of our key foreign partners, and i suspect i will be doing that all week and through the weekend. as i indicated yesterday, the course of history is for people to want to be free to make their own decisions about their own futures. the international community, i think, is unified in believing that it is not the role of an , where there has been no evidence of serious
11:51 am
violence. there has been no rationale under international law. determine trying to their own destiny. we stand on the side of history. the and more people around world deeply believe in the principle that a sovereign people, independent people, are able to make their own decisions about their own lives. mr. putin can throw a lot of words out there, but the facts on the ground indicate that right now he is not abiding by that principle. there is still the opportunity for russia to do so, working with the international community to help stabilize the situation. we have sent a clear message that we are prepared to work if they're genuine interest is making sure that ukraine is able to govern itself. as i indicated before, something i think is not an emphasized enough, they are currently scheduled to have elections in
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may. everybody in the international community should be invested in making sure that the economic deterioration in the ukraine stops, but also that these elections are perceived in a fair and free way, in which all ukrainians, including russian arekers, inside of ukraine, able to express their choice of who should lead them. robust,ve a strong, legitimate election, there should not be any question as to whether the ukrainian people govern themselves without the kinds of outside interference we see russia exert. all right? thank you very much, everybody. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> president obama, unveiling his $3.9 trillion fiscal 2015 budget proposal.
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it is budget day in washington. the president will be in hartford, connecticut tomorrow, to talk about the minimum wage. we continue to seek your reaction by social media. go to our facebook page or twitter. #cspanchat. a couple of those comments -- michael neal from the indiana republican party same the edge it is reckless, unacceptable. ,ohn cornyn, senator from texas says the new budget never balances. and charlie rangel, democrat from new york, says president obama's ajit shows how we can grow our economy and expand opportunity. your comments at facebook banned footer. the budget arrived this morning on capitol hill, and delivered to members. in an expression of dissatisfaction with the statutory spending level for the next year, the administration is
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proposing an additional $56 billion in discretionary spending that will be split between defense and non-defense programs. he says it is unclear what mechanism will add spending while adhering to spending caps. covering budget release events throughout the day and throughout the week here on c-span and across the c-span networks. 12:45, the director of the office of management and budget, and several top economic advisers, including gene sperling, who heads the national economic council, and the council of economic advisers chairman, will review the budget with reporters, coming up at 12:45. tomorrow, administration officials are on capitol hill to talk about the budget before house and senate committees. first up, treasury secretary jack lew will be talking before the senate finance committee, 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span three. the office of management and budget director burwell, who you
11:55 am
will see on c-span in a bit, will be before the house budget committee at 2:00 p.m. congressman paul ryan chairing the committee. esther day, he released a republican version of the budget ahead of the president's plan. the 2015 budget will be posted shortly at >> the new website gives you access to an incredible library of political events, is more added each day through nonstop coverage of national politics, history, and nonfiction books. coverage, or daily access more than 200,000 hours of archived c-span video, everything c-span has covered since 1987. our video is all searchable and viewable on our desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. to look for the prominent search bar at the top of each page.
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makes it to watch what is happening today in washington, and find people and events from the past 25 years. it is the most comprehensive video library in politics. >> yesterday's house session was snowed out, so members are returning today at 2:00 p.m. eastern for work on several bills, including one that would slow the increase in flood insurance williams. about the debate coming up in the house today, "the hill" says flood insurance approved by congress in 2012 would be scaled back under a deal each monday between house republicans and democrats, in a rare bipartisan deal which gop leaders plan to bring to the floor for a vote. the response to complaints from flooded out constituents, who say the law would require them to pay much more for federal flood insurance. the debate later today.
11:57 am
the 2015 budget, being released today. more details from the washington journal. l costacal reporter robert joins us. we are waiting for the release of the president's budget but your front page post talked about the budget that it will set up the debate on poverty. talk about your story this morning. great to be here. what we're seeing from president obama is a move towards the midterm elections. we are seeing the release of election your documents. blueprints for the party. moving towards a compromise on capitol hill but that are establishing where they want to go, how they would govern if they could have a majority in either chamber. mention paul ryan's
11:58 am
release yesterday. what was that documents? guest: i spoke to chairman ryan over the weekend and he decided to issue what he called a rebuttal -- pre-bottle -- prebuttle. the spending in fiscal year 2012 on anti-poverty programs and gives an analysis. he does not necessarily offer specific recommendations. those will come later. but he does look at the war on poverty, starting with president johnson launched it in 1964 and traces the evolution to the present day. host: what is the conclusion he reaches? his conclusion is a lot of the programs have good intentions but not well coordinated. he is delicate in the analysis. programs like medicaid and head start he was quite scathing. he said the programs really need to be reforms.
11:59 am
he knows that the republican party is struggling ahead of the midterms. he is trying to offer almost a gentle analysis to get the republicans competitive on the property issue. the new york times editorial board took up the proposal released by paul ryan yesterday. want to show the viewers that and read them a little bit from what they wrote about that. the headline" small ideas on poverty." it writes --
12:00 pm
is that a fairer assessment by the editorial board this not judgeuest: i will the new york times editorial board but i will say he is mounting a difficult endeavor. when you look at the poverty report in the past six budget. you see he is trying to go after poverty programs to reform welfare, and a lot of times that does mean cuts and cuts to programs i can start and medicaid and programs that are very important to a lot of people. his argument is from a conservative side that maybe those programs can be reformed, even if that means a reduction in funding, they can serve people better. to make anis hard argument about poverty that goes beyond how much something should


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